SaaS Funding is a committed debt fund focused on software, digital media and tech enabled service companies.

SaaS Funding was formed with the goal of filling the credit void by creating a non-dilutive lending product for growing SaaS and tech enabled companies.  We provide both senior and junior capital and on occasion make selective co-investments.

We are recurring revenue entrepreneurs and finance professionals who helped pioneer recurring revenue lending.

SaaS Funding aims to fill the void in the software and technology lending markets by offering a flexible solution based on MRR and other applicable metrics for non-SaaS companies. SaaS Funding stands apart by being equally comfortable in a senior and junior lending position. Often times, SaaS Funding will start off as senior to finance a company to a senior lender and then subordinate. SaaS Funding is a committed debt fund that provides senior and junior amortizing loan facilities that range from $250k to $3 mm.

Common uses of capital include:

• Scale MRR
• Grow sales force
• Interim financing in between rounds or growth capital for bootstrapped companies
• Exponentially increase equity value
• Working capital and growth investment
• Liquidity for Founders and/or Management
• Liquidity for previous Venture or Angel Investors
• Acquisition capital

SaaS Funding is a division of Super G Funding, which is the product of entrepreneur, Darrin Ginsberg.

Darrin bootstrapped several recurring revenue business and used that experience to become the leading lender to the merchant services industry.  Based on that success, he raised a fund and formed SaaS Funding to serve both bootstrapped and venture backed software, digital media and tech enabled service companies. SaaS Funding’s primary focus is on SaaS companies, but we very much fund digital media and tech companies.